Zen Garden

by Callie Moore

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    Callie's debut acoustic album from 2010, including songs from her earliest songwriting days.

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The sound of Callie Crofts (formerly Callie Moore) before she had any audience to speak of, before she discovered the world of social media, and long before she became a rock musician. This nostalgic debut album combines jazzy acoustic folk with the witty and heartfelt lyrics of a gifted songwriter beginning to find her voice.


released June 15, 2010

Produced by Callie Moore
Recorded at HiLo studio in Pocatello, Idaho
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rick McCracken

All songs written by Callie Moore
Callie Moore - Guitar, Vocals
Adam Crofts - Bass
Dave Moore - Percussion
Zac Bryant - Drums
Jacie Sites - Cello
Vincent Crofts - Digeridoo



all rights reserved


Callie Crofts

From whimsical acoustic folk to edgy alternative rock, songwriter Callie Crofts leaves a lasting impression.
Whether light and witty, tear-jerking, or even slightly disturbing, her lyrics always tell a vivid story atop musical choices that are delightfully quirky and often unexpected.
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Track Name: Topic Of Disease
Poor child, what have you done to be so pitifully,
Ridiculously inwardly involved?
You've been dodging your own glances
Breaking mirrors and mansions of better chances
Since the hour that she called
But it's a long cold walk to the vending machine this time of night
And all the best if sure to be gone
But no matter how you shake and you shatter that silver platter
Your insatiable hunger is much too strong

I never quite agreed with your topic of disease
The way it feeds inside the human mind
But if it takes a little faster to learn it right from the master
Then baby, you can keep right on
Talking 'bout everything but the weather
When I'd rather just hear about the sunshine
And how the rain falls down
And the clouds gather 'round me every time
You're on my mind

And somewhere between your boasted education
And a convincing imitation of inspiration
You thought you knew the art of conversation
But I was bored to death
And that pending bending penetration that you hoped for
'til you saw my hesitation
Was a slightly darkened view of your imagination of me

You can call this whatever you want
I'm gonna call it, call it...that's all
I'll just call you on your missed shot

Is that all you've got?
Track Name: Being Alone
Wise, wise, wise are your lies
How they circle around like a dove in the sky
How you subtly add in your tricks and your spins in the wind
You're so quick that I almost give in
To your sin sin sins
You're looking back at me with that playful grin
And then you straddle the fine fine line like a sexy beast
I'm sure that line agrees but I don't

And I never knew it could be so easy
Being alone

Oh those eyes, when I look into your lovely eyes
I see disguise, disgust, denial, distrust
I must be looking at a reflection of your lust
Must must must you be so satisfied in your pride
Love, you know how hard I tried
And I cried
But now I think I'm starting to see the brighter other side

And your favorite chair there is a vacancy sign
And in my silky hair there ain't no fingers intwined
And there's a very unstable mind on the other side
Of the ringing phone

And I never knew it could be so easy
Being alone

Lies linger on your lips
Just like the fingers on my hips
But love, there ain't gonna be another kiss this time
What a waste of such a terrible taste
It had its time, it had its place
But it was way overshot
And now it's being overthrown

And I never knew I could feel so free
Being alone
Track Name: Seven Steps
I am a marketing major, step out of my way
You couldn't possibly have something important to say
That surpasses the laws of relativity
Relative to me always having my way
Because I fight for corporate America
And nothing compares to what I've done for myself
I'm like an icon
And if you'd like to see my resume
Take a number and wait all day

'cause I can give you seven steps to have a better life
If you buy my book for $19.95
I found the mathematical formula
There's no other way
So buy one today
I'll save your miserable life

I am a sales representative, I have a degree
Your small university doesn't compare to my
Qualifications, my communication skills
I'm the best at making phony deals
I am the CEO
Look at me! I've got a pie chart
And you represent the smallest part
I know supply and demand like the back of my hand
And I answer to no one, because I'm the man

And I can give you seven steps to make a name for yourself
They've got their very own shelf by the checkout
I found the mathematical formula
There's no other way
Subscribe today
And save your miserable self

I'm the pop-star
I am the shareholder
I'm a disease on a mission to ruin all of mankind
I am ambition turned to pride
I'm a consultant for motivation's darker side

I work at the fast-food drive-through
I'm the garbage man
And the milk-man too
I babysit your spoiled whiny brats
I knit designer hats at a factory in China
I am the janitor
My hands are dirty all day
I work for minimum wage
And if I wore a mini-skirt I'd get much bigger tips than this
And this is my iron fist

Now I can give you seven steps to get me off of this strike
As much as you like to think you own me
I make the rules
I call the shots
I'm now the boss
I have authority to give you seven steps to be honest and real
Because I honestly feel that I am qualified
I know you underestimate my vision
But I can see right through your miserable lies
Track Name: Zen Garden
In another life I was the beautiful sky
And my world a perfect circle
Of sun sand and water
And I was happy there
Tranquility was in the air
Until the sand began to drift and it started to rain
What an unthinkable sin
I let him in, I let him in
And in another life he was a hurricane
He tried to swallow me into his raging angry sea
But little did he know the power of the infinite me
And he's not there anymore

Don't try to sell me that story of your courage and glory
I have heard it all before but it's an allegory
You left me feeling mislead and beheaded
By the newfound king
Of this pretended intellectual thing
Called love or something
I know one thing
Nothing's ever quite what it seems
Your lovely picture's just a feigned fictitious arrangement
Of the wishes you made on the stars in my sky
But baby, I don't care anymore

Your skin is all the deeper that this tangent of your intellect swims
And the brim of your heart on your mouth
Where your lips will beg, steal, or borrow their sin from me
You stole my serenity, you dirty little thief
You were the sun and the earth to me
But now I see

That in the scheme of things, the bigger plan
Baby, you should understand
You're just a grain of sand in my zen garden
I rake you under the rocks every day
And in a beautiful way it takes all my worries away
Why are you standing here
I shouldn't have to say anymore
Track Name: Antigone
Antigone, what were you thinking?
Sometimes it's fine not to be selfless
Or to sacrifice everything
For a better cause
Sometimes a cause not quite as noble
Is the cause that can save you

Persephone, the winter's coming
I know those black robes never suited you
But just try to love him, it's alright
I know your innocence betrayed you
You've been stolen by the shameless
You've been forced to have a darker side

And baby, if I seem a little distant
I'm just trying to connect with the voices in my head
The voices in my head
They voices of the dead philosophical heroines
From which, I'm supposed to learn
What really is my tragic flaw?
And how can I discern?
And Sophocles, in the end what does it all really mean?

Atalanta, run faster
Try, deny your destiny
Don't wear your pride on your sleeve
For heavens' sakes girl, we can see it
So can he
He's just hiding in the corner with his arrow at your heart
And love usually wins at this part
Aphrodite, Venus, tell me is it really worth it?
Just to pass your time away you torture all our hearts
She doesn't love him
She sees right through your little game
But now it's just too late
A Trojan war's been waged

And baby, if I seem a little distant
I'm just trying to forget all those words that you said
Instead I'll heed the dead philosophical heroines
As they teach me about life
How to thrive, how to survive
And when that fails, how to fight
And Sophocles, in the end does it really all come down to me?

Are you really just another man's story of me?
Track Name: Woman
She eats a half a carrot for breakfast
Every day before she goes to shop for shoes
And she just figures that's enough
To keep her happy through lunch and dinner too
She's as boney as a starving cat
Her favorite subject of conversation is how fat she is

She likes to flaunt her flashy jewelry everywhere she goes
She's got the perfect million-dollar diamond
And she wants us all to know
Her new fiance is a movie-star
And he's only got five ex-wives so far

She'll use the power of the press
To spread the word about her mostly exposed chest
And she's sure the world respects her for
Wearing that next-to-nothing dress
And she gives woman its name
So all you women hide in shame

She's studied books and taken courses
All entirely on the subject of
Which angle to turn her head when somebody
Pulls out a camera
She'll flaunt her flesh-eating flattery
And then she'll flash her precious anatomy in your face
It's the kind of feminine obviously invented by men

But she gives woman all her class
So women you best be runnin' fast
Or else the vemonous viper of beauty she drives
Will crash its way into your life
You'll arch your eyebrows way too high
As your brain cells start to die

And she gives woman a record all-time high
Of superficial love
So all you women better try to rise above
Track Name: Grand Finale
Say what you will, love
What have you wanted to say to me for so long?
Your anything but delicate jeers won't offend me
My ears won't pretend to not hear
What I have always done wrong
So baby, say what you will, love
It might be smooth and it might be rough
Your words are only sounds
They come around
They go to town
They bring me down
Then I drown them in in my half-empty cup
The most beautiful sound that I have ever heard
Doesn't even come close to being your words

See what you will, love
Everything is just colors separated by light
I can't deny you your sight
But you see what you want
And it won't be long before you think that you're right
So open your eyes to the truth of the thing
It's got nothing to do with acts and intermissions and scenes
You poor delusional man
I try to do what I can
But still I'm losing you inside of the screen
The most beautiful thing that I've seen in this life
You can't understand
'cause you've made yourself blind

Walk where you will, love
It wont be long before you trip over the one thing
That's not in your way
But somehow you still manage to stumble upon
An untamed, unwritten girl
She paints her own line
It's un-straight, un-narrow, unraveled and curled
And in your state of psychiatric certainty
You're sure she's gonna ruin your whole world

So go if you want love
I might just be crying in your tracks
But most likely not
So if it makes you feel better
When she asks you can tell her that I still want you back
You're always good at that
Lie all your life, love
Say what she wants to hear
Play on her biggest fears
Manipulate her tears
Then give us your grand finale
And just stand back and tally your ovations so dear
I think you'll find there will be
No on standing here
Track Name: Burst
Hello child, welcome to this world
You've arrived
With two feet, two hands, and two eyes
Is what you see a surprise
You're soft and you're innocent
You are pure and you're heaven-sent
I hope that you're sure
Just what it is that you're in for

Your feet will learn to move in different strides
And your hands will start to raise toward the skies
And your eyes will open wide

And then you'll see the reason why I burst at the seams
And I rend my clothes because there's only extremes
There's no gray anymore
The mob wants your soul
They'll either take it or not

All you high and powerful ones of the earth
You have all been granted by birth
The invaluable decision to do whatever you will
Will you kill all the innocent ones?
Will you invent your own religion?
Will you give them your guns?
Will you teach them it's a privilege to stand in the front of your ranks?
Will you scream?
Will you rage?
Will you hate?
Will you transmit your voice on satellite
With all the images that wake us in the middle of the night
Will you rule this world in horror and fright?

Or will you see it all and burst at the seams
Will you rend your clothes because there's only extremes
There's no gray

And innocent child, what would you die for?
You must decide before it gets too late
Because war doesn't have the time to wait
And little boy, why are you crying?
Just wipe your tears and pick yourself up
Because that's not what a soldier does

Hello child, and welcome to your life
You never thought that it'd be such a fight
to survive and just be alright
Take your feet and run the most enduring stride
Use your hands to lift someone toward the sky
With your love, please open their eyes
So they can see the reason why we burt at the seams
And they'll rend their clothes because there's only extremes
There's no gray anymore

The mob wants your soul
They'll never take it away
Unless you give it away
Track Name: Out of my Range
When that rain comes down my chimney
And it keeps my fire from burning
I still just sit here turning over the coals
And the ashes as they're dying
Slowly flickering and flying
Tell me stories of a love I used to know
Where did you go?
Baby, where did you go?

And sweet baby, I'm sorry that I purposely broke your heart
I never meant to rip it out of your chest and tear it apart
It's just a silly old habit that I seem to have formed
Whenever I fall in love
And honey, I know I should have warned you
But other than that fact I'm really not that bad

Baby come back
I need to get this out of my system
I need to shatter some glass
You know it's hard for me to focus
Without breaking everything in my path
But if you stay by my side you might be out of my range
Honey I swear I can change
I swear I can change
I swear I can

I sat with the ashes all night
My eyes were bloodshot
I couldn't sleep or sit still
So I went to the doctor
And she says that I have a disease
But baby, please, it won't apply to you
I've been diagnosed as a crazy maniac
But what's so wrong with that?

Baby come back
I need to get this out of my system
I need to shatter some glass
You know it's hard for me to focus
Without breaking everything in my path
But if you stay by my side you might be out of my range
Honey I swear I can change
I swear I can change

Nobody deserves to be alone
Even if there is some sanity they lack
So forget my little issues
Your emotional scar-tissue
And baby, please come back

I need to get this out of my...
I need to shatter some...
You know it's hard for me to...
Breaking everything in my...
But if you stay by my side
Out of my range
I swear I can change
I swear I can change
I swear I can
Track Name: Wire
Step away from the glass
Don't you know there's more important things to do
Than interpret the weather
And if you cry wipe it off
This is expensive leather
And so you say you've got a headache
Don't you worry babe
Just take two of these pills and soon you'll be numb
And don't you crash unless it's head-on
If you can't do the job right you'll never get it done

And you're why
When I walk, I walk on a wire a hundred miles above the ground
No, I'm not suicidal
I'm just taking a chance at falling down
I was told all decisions are final
So I've decided to just let chance decide
He seems like a pretty honest guy

And why don't you stop walking out of the left side
The best side of your brain
Ruled by statistical mathematics
Only text and no pain
And if you have a little color in your dreams
Wash it out, 'cause that seems to be the evil thing
So step away from the glass
Don't you know there's more important things to do
Than look at the sky
There's no time to hope for a better life

And you're why
When I walk, I walk on a wire a hundred miles above the ground
No, I'm not suicidal
I'm just taking a chance at falling down
I was told all decisions are final
So I've decided to just let chance decide
He seems like a pretty honest guy

And why, why, why
Can't I live at least a thousand years before I die?
Gravity keeps telling me that I will never fly
But that's ok 'cause I'm still gonna try

So go ahead, take your first step
No on can take it for you
You're the only person in your line
And don't be afraid to pick up the paintbrush
'cause nobody knows the colors of your mind
Track Name: Chimney Fire
I've got your picture in my closet
In the bottom of my box of random useless junk
So I can see your face every time that I can't help
But need a dusty broken tool to fix my shelf
Where the story of a tragic love sits dusty and unread
Like your voice collecting dust inside my head
Oh, how I'll love theses precious memories when they're dead

And I know that you didn't mean to hurt me when you said goodbye
But baby, in all of my pride I've got to admit
That I just cried and cried and cried
For joy

I've got your letter in a special spot
Where I can read it anytime I think I ought to
Pull it from the garbage and tape it back together again
And your words will look like puzzles
Just like they've always been
"I want...and I need...and I care....and I love"
Love, you're just everywhere
You're poetry is beautiful but baby, can't you see
That it just never made a word of sense to me

And I know that you didn't mean to hurt me
When you left me alone
But as I listen to the lonely silence moan
I've got to admit this place never felt so much like home

I've got all of our memories packed in a bag
All the sweet, sad, stupid memories we've ever had
They're gonna start a fire in the chimney, baby
Gonna burn this house to the ground
All my picture frames
And all your stupid games
I'm gonna watch the flames and celebrate
Track Name: Dizzy
Your world is like a six-side carousel
Oh won't you let me on?
I wanna know how it feels just once
To stand in the middle while the world revolves around me
I don't care if they're really standing still
Because what I perceive is everything
Everything to me
Why can't I always feel this dizzy

And for a very small fee
We'll let you step inside this tent
We'll read your palm and then we'll write your history
Success is made of strings
Pulled by those who advertise the lowest price
And wear the most extravagant things
We hold the keys
We got out Phd's in puppetry
'cause no one wants to wait to grow their own wings anymore

And all these paper tickets that I earned
From playing all the games I learned
I'm glad for what they taught me
After all, these tickets bought me your world

Your world is like a six-side merry-go-round
And I'm still looking for the groung
'cause my world is spinning
Still spinning
Still spinning
From all the things you fed me
My stomach wasn't built for envy

I find my feet and walk away
It's so much bigger than you say outside your mind
Behind I leave you blind inside your world